As we have grown and researched the needs of riders, as pointed out by the horsewomen in our lives, we have found there is a need for specialized excavation and development for equestrian services in the Mid-Atlantic region.

There are many contractors that understand general riding ring and footing construction, but very few understand the importance of the process along with the detailed precision that must be accounted for to ensure the safety of the rider and the health of their horse. We truly understand the science of footing as well as ring construction and the huge impacts minor mistakes may cause.

Equestrian Arenas

Indoor, outdoor or grass arena, we can assist you in making your arena exactly what you want. We can assist with the process of complete install, rehabilitation of an existing arena, or just precise regular maintenance. We provide state of the art irrigation system installation that will keep your riding arena at the proper moisture content to control dust and ensure a safe footing to train on.

Equestrian Development

We can help you complete the development of your facility. We can assist with fencing, pasture and property maintenance, driveways, barn and building pads, footing installs, new indoor or outdoor arenas, and drainage and irrigation needs.

Clearing Concepts
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